That is probably the most frequently asked question I have received this past year. I think most people thought that’s what I would do after leaving TPC. Honestly our lives were turned upside down and inside out so suddenly that I knew that was not the thing to do. Tired, weary, discouraged, hurt, and betrayed were words that described life a year ago.

There have been so many transitions that our family has walked through that it will make your head spin. Now our kids and grandkids are settled in to new churches, ministries, and communities for which we are so thankful. Now Patti and I are really searching for what is next for us in ministry.

I have had lots of different opportunities this past year including working closely with a couple of faith films, Woodlawn and Risen, both great films that are seeking to advance the gospel. By the way, Risen is still in theaters and now would be a great time to take a friend and start some spiritual conversations.

So back to the question at hand…another church?

Right now I just don’t have clarity on that issue so here is what we are going to do. I have really missed teaching on a weekly basis and I have missed the sense of community (big time) that the church provides, so I am going to do a weekly bible study on Wednesday evenings with those who would like to gather together. We will meet in the conference room at Espaces, located at 1550 West McEwen Dr. Suite 300, beginning Wednesday, March 9 at 6:30pm. 

This will be open for anyone in our community who would like to attend. We will simply study scripture, pray, and encourage people. So if you would like to be a part come and join us. I look forward to the days ahead and you can keep praying for us to simply follow God’s heart for us.



  • Thom Merklin

    May you continue to be blessed! Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will continue to lead as you seek Him.

  • Mary Bohlken

    My name is Mary Bohlken. I joined the People’s Church, Franklin, many years ago while it was still in the old sanctuary. I moved to Fort Wayne after an illness, and met with doctors who could help me. Still, I listened to streaming because I missed my church and Rick White so very much. This transition of MY church has truly saddened me. No wonder I have had a difficult time finding your sermons online. I’m sorry, Pastor White, I know you asked that we do not take sides, but that’s exactly what I am doing. I know I’m late to the game. I feel the betrayal, too. How dare them.
    Brother White, I had no idea this was happening, and I’m sorry it has. I remember the old days in the old sanctuary, and I still can feel the power of the Lord during the Praise concerts…..especially during the Christmas season. It was palpable. The choir and the individual solos…what a tearful effect they had on the congregation, and me. Those days were the best days…the days of the traditional sermon vs the non-traditional. (I forget the correct terminology that was used back then.) I’m so very grateful I bought tapes of some of your sermons. They bring me such joy.

    Above all, I remember this: You brought me to Christ, and you Baptized me, saying these words just before you “dunked” me……”You must have cleared 3 rows of chairs to tell me you needed to be Baptized”. Yes, I suppose I did.
    Thank you from my whole heart….and my soul….
    I wish you and your family God’s peace.
    Please consider streaming your teachings. I miss them so much.
    Sincerely and in God’s Love,
    Mary Bohlken